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Welcome to Erickson Studio.

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Simple. Good.

Web Design

We design websites — and web–based applications — that are great–looking and drop–dead easy to use. That’s what it’s about. By the way, is your website/web–app mobile ready?

User Interface (UI) Design

We know how to design drop–dead gorgeous, easy to use user interfaces. If you have the back–end knowhow, but need an awesome UI, we’ll be a great team. Even if you don’t have back–end knowhow, we’ll still be a great team.

Web Development

We’ve been designing and developing websites since before most people knew there was an Internet. WordPress? Check. e–Commerce? Check. Custom project? Check check.

Photoshop to HTML/CSS

If you have a website design in a Photoshop file, we’ll create (static) HTML/CSS templates for you. Our markup is always semantic, always well–commented and ready to use.

Branding and Identity

Remarkable brands and identities. Our design, business and experiential backgrounds can help you create your business’s personality.

Graphic Design

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, stationery, brochures, direct mail pieces…you get the idea.


Client: ONE Sotheby’s

ONE | Sothebys 01 ONE | Sothebys 02 ONE | Sothebys 03 ONE | Sothebys 04
HTML5, CSS and jQuery programming. iPad compatibility.

Client: Doubletree Hotels

Doubletree Hotels 01 Doubletree Hotels 02 Doubletree Hotels 03 Doubletree Hotels 04
UI Consulting, HTML, CSS and jQuery programming.

Client: Angels on the Greens

Angels on the Greens 01 Angels on the Greens 02 Angels on the Greens 03 Angels on the Greens 04
Website design and development.

Client: Luxury Estates Plus

Luxury Estates Plus 01 Luxury Estates Plus 02 Luxury Estates Plus 03 Luxury Estates Plus 04
HTML5, CSS and jQuery programming. iPad compatibility.

Client: Tanning Dynamics

Tanning Dynamics 01 Tanning Dynamics 02 Tanning Dynamics 03 Tanning Dynamics 04
Website Design; PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS and jQuery programming.

Client: Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels Website01 Hilton Hotels Website03 Hilton Hotels Website04 Hilton Hotels Website05
UI Consulting, HTML, CSS and jQuery programming.

Client: Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms Tour 01 Shamrock Farms Tour 02 Shamrock Farms Tour 03 Shamrock Farms Tour 04
Web-based Application Built with Ruby on Rails.

Client: KnowledgeNet Backpack

KnowledgeNet Backpack 01 KnowledgeNet Backpack 02 KnowledgeNet Backpack 03
Prototype of a Web-based Asynchronous Online Learning Application.

Client: CUI Lighter Card

Portfolio Cui Lighter
Package for sales displays.

Client: Leadfusion

Leadfusion 01 Leadfusion 03 Leadfusion 04 Leadfusion 06
Web-based application UI consulting, design and front-end development.

Client: PMT Ambulance

PMT Ambulance 01 PMT Ambulance 02 PMT Ambulance 03
Website design and development.

Client: QuietStorm / X Sound Technologies

QuietStorm / X Sound Technologies 01 QuietStorm / X Sound Technologies 02 QuietStorm / X Sound Technologies 03 QuietStorm / X Sound Technologies 04
Website design and development.

Client: St. George Home

St. George Home 01 St. George Home 02
St. George Home magazine ad design. Click here to download a (low-rez) example PDF [452 kb].

Corporate Identities

Various Corporate Logos
Various identity and logo designs.

Client: APS

APS 01 APS 02 APS 03
“School Neutral” web-based application using HTML, CSS and jQuery created for Arizona Public Service (APS).


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The last name Erickson is obviously Scandinavian, so we embraced the Scandinavian design heritage of designers such as Jacob Jensen and David Lewis, best known for their work with Bang and Olufsen.

All of the text is set in lowercase (via CSS) because of our corporate minimalist design philosophy.

The headline fonts are Futura Medium, and the body font is Questrial (if your browser supports the @font-face specification).


The erickson studio site is hand–crafted valid HTML5 and CSS. The CSS was generated with SASS/Compass. The special effects were created using CSS and javascript (jQuery). PHP is also used for other technical aspects of the site. The site was built on Mac OS X machines and thoroughly tested for other operating systems and browsers.